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El Salvador


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Week in the MTC!

Hello everyone! 

First I'm just going to say that I'm having trouble with this computer. For some reason I cant save every ones address so mom will just have to send the emails to everyone to save time so that I can write more. I've already spent enough time trying to figure out the email system and why it isn't working. And to add on to that I have to use this loco Mexican keyboard that doesn't make any sense so I don't know how to us it. 

I'm having a great time here in the CCM, or MTC for all of you English speakers out there! P day for me will be on Tuesdays. The first few days were soooo long. The spirit is strong though. I have learned so much! I think I have learned more Spanish here in the last 4 days than I did all two years in high school. My Spanish is improving but it is still very stressful when I can't understand our fake investigator.  I have been working so hard mamma! You would be so proud of me. I have mastered saying my prayers and testimony in Spanish already! Although its a little limited. So Brock if you have any advise to learning a language in the mtc let me know!

I really wish I would have known that I would have a gym class everyday. Luckily I only had it two days last week so I was able to buy a pair of shorts and a really sweet Mexico mtc shirt here.  I need fresh clothes while schooling these young bloods on the bball court. Even though I'm one of the youngest here....

Mexico is truly beautiful. But I wouldn't suggest coming here for vacation or anything. The traffic was insane while riding the bus to the CCM. Brock and brad probably know what I'm talking about. Just picture our almost stop and go traffic there. But here they are still driving at about 30 to 40 mph and people are weaving in and out of lanes like crazy. The CCM is amazing because in the middle of this crazy city is this wonderful walled off area where there is a little under 1000 missionaries. Out side the walls you can see a few buildings. Then a little farther there are mountains with houses and other buildings that run up the mountains. All the buildings are so compact and stuff, I could never live here. If you want to know what it looks like, watch those action movies that take place in Mexico. It is the exact same. I will try to send pictures later when I can figure this computer and keyboard out a little better. 

The food here is awesome! Everyone usually complains about it for some reason but I love it! Although I would like a few of moms burritos instead. When you guys are around each other give some hugs for me. You don't know how much you miss giving each other hugs when you re on your mission. Some advice to JJ is to really know preach my gospel. You're already doing a great job at learning the scriptures and I wish I could have known as much as you before I left because I barely have anytime to study them because of all the homework and assignments they give us to learn Spanish and stuff. The same goes for you Blake. Know the scriptures and preach my gospel before your mission because if you have to learn a language you wont have anytime. When you guys think school is getting pretty busy, just wait until you get to the MTC. I thought my senior year was insane!

The natives here are so nice. I love them all! They do so much for us and are always smiling and so kind. We get to go to the Mexico mtc on one of our last weeks but we don't get to go inside because its under construction. Ive seen pictures of it and it is amazing!

Write back as soon as you guys can!  I love and miss you all! 
Love Elder Markham