El Salvador

El Salvador


Elder Garrett Markham
El Salvador San Salvador East Mission
PO Box #3362
San Salvador, El Salvador
Central America


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Two kids in a foreign land can change lives with the Gospel.


This week was awesome! I'm loving the mission every week! Saturday was my first baptism and it was awesome! The spirit was so strong and it was a very great experience. Of course the devil tried to stop the baptism and Osvaldos grandson that lives with him was super sick and was not doing well. But my companion and I gave him a blessing and when they showed up to the baptism it was like he was never sick! After the baptism we had Osvaldo give his testimony and it was amazing even though I couldn't understand too much...He talked about how he didn't have any words to describe the way he felt, and how amazing me and my comp are...he also talked about how we healed his grandson that morning so I guess I now have my own cool little story for that. During his testimony was when I really realized that this is what its all about and how amazing it is that two kids can go around in a foreign land helping others come unto Christ and Save their eternal salvation. Its amazing. 

The temperature isn't that bad anymore...the first few weeks was kind of like "Pure Luck"... Remember the scene where Martin Short is super uncomfortable when the guy is smoking in his face...that's kind of how I was because of the heat! It was killer! haha

I love you all so much. Have a great week everyone!!! 

Love Elder Markham

Garrett's first baptism...Osvaldo

The Zepeda Family...they are very good to Garrett and feed him well!

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