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El Salvador


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Monday, February 2, 2015

Busy and learning!

This week was great! We've been teaching lots of lessons! We had about 30 lessons this week with investigators and members! It was great to teach so many and help them! My Spanish is getting better and I'm improving every day! I got a bunch of the teachings from the prophets books in Spanish which is going to be great to read! And I'll try to bring a bunch of my Spanish stuff home for you Sara if you're interested! We took a bunch of food to a family this week. They have two sons who just left on their missions but the parents aren't members and they really don't have much. I felt so good being able to bring the food to their house and help them out. I've never seen anything like their house before. It was filled with things from the floor to the ceiling with a tiny path to walk to the back of the house into the dads room. We were able to teach him there. We are still helping Orlando get ready for his baptism. He is learning a lot I think. Every Sunday he comes to church with us which is the only thing we ever need our investigators to do but they never do haha. The last thing really is to help him get married. He wants to and his two daughters that are 18 and 11 want them to but the mother doesn't. I don't know why she just doesn't. We have a lesson with him tonight and we'll try to set a baptism date with him and talk to him and his wife or girlfriend about getting married. And just to let everyone know...I loved the cow foot stew!!!! haha it actually was really good! The only part that grossed me out is that they had fish living in their pila. Missionaries don't eat fish but it was super nasty because you wash everything in the pilas. Clothes, dishes, hands and if you're not lucky enough to have a shower...your pila is your shower ahah. Luckily I have a shower but many areas don't have showers. I love and miss you all very much! 

Love Elder Markham

**Pilas are small concrete tubs that they fill with water.  Garrett was concerned that the dishes he ate off of were washed in the pila with fish living in it.

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