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El Salvador


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Monday, June 8, 2015

A sweet compliment to Garrett

Hola Mi Familia!

Puchika, este semana fue super rapido. Cada semana siente como un dia! Nos vemos en un rato.

This week was full of surprises and awesome uplifting moments! I got some letters this week. I got the letters from Sara too with all the pics! I love them!!!! So during the week we were walking through the street and we crossed to the other side to just barley see two huge buses racing, they were racing for fun. They were seeing who could get to the exit first, and.. they ended up crashing together. The scary thing is is that they were both filled with people. At least it wasn't too serious or anything. Then we went to a Sisters house in the ward to teach her and her kids. She lives with a bunch of older sons that are members and always listen to us, but they don't come to church. The last time we went she was telling me how she was happy that I was so happy and that's how every missionary should be. Then this time she asked my companion what he was learning from me. He just said that he was learning a lot and she said that my companion seemed to be a lot more happy since I had come. Then she just kept saying that there was something about me that was different than other missionaries and that she just liked me. It's hard to say what she said because it's weird to explain in English haha. It was good and helped me notice the difference you can make just trying to smile a lot more. So yes mom, you were right... Sunday we had stake conference and it was awesome! We talked a lot about keeping Sunday a holy day and they encouraged the missionaries to write to their families and tell them one thing we could all improve. I thought and there isn't much really. Mom and dad taught us well from the activities that we do and don't to what we should wear. I always thought that was a rule that mom made up . It's been a super fast awesome weekend. We are teaching lots of people and we will have a baptism soon, we are just helping a guy get his marriage papers. I love and miss you all!!!

Love Elder Markham

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