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El Salvador


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Sunday, June 21, 2015

In the Jungle

Dear Family!

This week was a super fast week! I'm glad to hear a little bit about the wedding. I'm sad I missed it but El Salvador is where I need to be! We are still working hard and teaching lots of people. During the mission I have really learned how to listen to the spirit better. I love it when we are teaching lessons and I just start saying things and using scriptures that I would never thought about using if I didn't have the spirit to help me.

This Saturday was an awesome day! We went to a little conference thing for an awareness of this river that we are going to be cleaning. It made the national news so I'm pretty sure if you looked it up you could find it and I'll be on there. It's for the Acelhuate Rio I'm pretty sure. Our whole Zone was part of it. So try looking it up and you should be able to see me on there! 

Not much happened this past week. It just goes by faster and faster I can't keep up. It's rainy season now. It rains a ton almost every day, then when it doesn't rain it's 10x hotter! Haha, I also learned that the city where our church is inside a crater of a giant volcano! And our house is on the opening when all the lava flowed out when it exploded thousands of years ago. Pretty cool huh? Well I love and miss you all. 

Elder Markham

Garrett and his companion Elder Stout

Here is a part of Garrett's area.  He said they had to walk down this little street to try and find people to teach.  It seems like a beautiful area and he is really enjoying his time there.

Garrett and his District Leader Elder Lucero

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