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Monday, September 7, 2015

Finding new investigators! And being able to give blessings to those in need.

Hey everyone!

This week was another good week! We found a ton more investigators! Two are super awesome! One of them we passed by when he was just sitting outside reading a book. I thought...no one here reads books. Then I felt that we should go back and talk to him. He went by and talked to him about the Book of Mormon and how special of a book it is. We then gave him a copy and set a date when we could come back. We went back a few days later and he had already been reading all the testimonies and a few chapters! It was awesome! He had tons of questions so we just spent the whole lessons answering them!

I don't know if you remember the couple that drove up to us on the motorcycle and started talking to us, but this last week the husband was in a terrible accident and almost died. He had a crazy surgery on his stomach. Now he's resting in his house. We went by to give him a blessing Friday. He lives super far away. We had to take a bus for about 30 minutes then we had to take a moto taxi. It's like a little red scooter taxi thing that's pretty cool. I'll try to get a pic of one later. Then we went back last night to meet his wife and mom. His wife is super ready to be baptized! She was going to be baptized years ago and they already have plans to get sealed in the temple!!! But the guy has to get divorced before he can get married to her so that she can get baptized. He tried getting divorced to his ex wife but she was asking for a ton of money each month and he didn't have that kind of money so the lawyer left him. But we are going to help them because I know tons of members that are lawyers who can do it for cheap. One of them is Karen Zepeda who I baptized back in January when I was in Alta Vista. 

I love and miss you all so much!

Love Elder Markham

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