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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Opening a new area in the mission and PICTURES!

Hey Family!

It has been one of the hardest and craziest weeks.....

Monday: I was in the office all day because my companion had to talk with president. Then we had to go back to the house so he could pack his bags and had emergency changes. Then I went to stay with Elder Hale and Elder Guzman again.

Tuesday: We just worked and taught in their area and I was told that I would receive my new companion the next day at changes.

Wednesday: At 7:30 in the morning getting ready to go to changes I got a call that said I had changes as well. All my stuff was still in my house and nothing was packed but they said that I'd pack after I got my new assignment and turns out I'm opening an area called San Patricio. It's close to my old area. But there hasn't been missionaries in this area for more than a year! We have to start from zero. We just went around with the first councilor (of the Bishopric in the ward) meeting the members. Oh and we don't have a house there yet so we are still looking to rent one.

Thursday: We went with one of the members to find a house. We found a few options that are in a super nice area. But we still have to talk to the owners. That will be tomorrow.

Friday: We went with another member to find some people to teach.

Saturday: The same

Sunday: A family brought a friend to church so that really helped us out a ton! 

The place I'm in is a pretty small branch of about 40 or 50 people that are active. The first few days were a bit hard but I think we have a hold on things. I'm just glad we've been able to get so much help from the members! 

I love you all! I hope everyone's doing great! Estoy muy feliz para poder servir aqui en El Salvadro! Amo la mision. Amo El Salvador. Y no hay otro lugar donde quiero estar! Les extra├▒o y les amo mucho!

Elder Markham

Some of Garrett's favorite children in El Salvador

Here are the stairs to Carlos' house. It was difficult for Carlos to get up and down the stairs as he was missing a leg.  But he would do that to get to church each week.  Carlos will be baptized soon but Garrett had to leave the area before getting a picture with him.

A rainbow at the church

Heres alberto and his wife from Santo Tomas.

They are the ones that survived a crazy mooto accident and now he's getting better from his surgery that he had from internal bleeding. He's a member but his wife isn't. She couldn't get baptized because they aren't married but they'll get married soon!

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