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Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Baptism for Garrett and Watch out for flying Fireworks!!

Hey Family!

This week was great! Saturday morning we had the temple trip with our investigators and members. We were able to bring two investigators, Jose Henriquez who will probably get baptized within the next month and Leonel who got baptized later that day! I want to send pics but I can't because my memory isn't working haha. But I did the baptism Saturday and my companion did the confirmation Sunday. We had lots of members come! It was great but a little stressed and rushed because we went straight to the church after the temple trip. Leonel shared his testimony after his baptism and it was awesome! He kept talking about how he was going to come here then take his girlfriend, who's a member in our ward, to his other church after he came here with us. But he liked it so much that he wanted to get baptized after the first time he went to church! That just shows the power of the Spirit that testifies to everyone about the truth. I know without a doubt that the church is true and can feel my testimony growing every day!

The temple trip was fun. There were 4 different groups that came through out the mission. Each group came at different times and there was a total of about 1,200 people that went! It was awesome! My companion and I were going to teach about the life of Christ but we got there late because the bus that was supposed to pick us up with our Branch never came so our branch president rented a bus that he drove. But it was cool because I also got to see Carlos Jimenez. He was super happy to see me too haha. But he didn't get baptized yet because he still has to get married but I guess he's scared to talk to his...señora? I don't really know what to call that in English. 

All the kids in El Salvador like to set off fireworks in the streets at Christmas time...we have to be careful cause sometimes they don't watch where they are throwing them....or maybe it's because they like to throw them at me!

We watched the devotional Sunday and it was awesome because I could understand it! I'm pretty sure that was the first Christmas Devotional (Link here) that I actually learned something from because all the others I just slept through...oops. Tonight I'm going to have a pupusa eating competition with a guy whose mom is a member but he still hasn't gotten baptized because he feels like his mom is pushing it. He's been to church a ton of times and already knows everything... But he's a pretty big guy so it will be hard. We are going to make a deal that if I win he has to get baptized. haha wish me luck! I love and miss you all!!

Love Elder Markham

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