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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Beautiful Baptism.

Hey Family!

So we had a great baptism this Saturday with Israel! He was so excited to get baptized! When he came out of the water he had a huge grin on his face. Then when we were leaving the font I told him to stay there while his mom brought him his towel. Then he stops at the top of the stairs and turns around. While looking at the water he asked me, "Now can I jump in"? hahah he wanted to jump in the water and start swimming but I told him no but it was hard because I was laughing. The next day was his confirmation and it was also really awesome. On Sunday we were able to bring the whole Hernandez family to church! Last week just the mom and her daughter and son went because the father hasn't wanted to commit himself yet. We did divisions with the members and I went with one of the members in our branch to pick them up. The father, Rodolfo, still didn't really want to go to church but we kept taking away all of his excuses and he finally said that he would go! Now the whole family is progressing to get baptized! They just have a few questions and problems about a few things but we will be able to help them out with that.

I don't have too much to say since we were just able to talk. I miss and love you all so much!

Love Elder Markham

Isreal and his family at his baptism with Elder Markham

Isreal's little Sister, Garrett, Isreal

** Update:  We got to skype with Garrett on Christmas Day!  What a fun day it was!  The best Christmas present for his Momma!  We laughed about old times and memories that we are going to make together in the future!  Garrett has really grown up and has done some great things for the people of El Salvador!  He bore a beautiful testimony in Spanish to us.  He truly has the light of Christ with him!  We love him beyond words and are so thankful for his example!  

Notice the glow from Garrett's side of the TV?  It's the Light of Christ that he gives off!  He is truly a disciple of Jesus Christ!  We love Garrett!  He is such a great example to all of us!

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