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Monday, January 11, 2016

Getting ready for a visit from an Apostle....and it's freezing in El Salvador!! hee hee

Hey Family!
 Last Monday we had a Family Home Evening with the Hernandez Family in the house of some members named the Rafailano Family. And it was awesome!! They totally killed it! The father started talking about why we have FHE and how it has helped them. Then Rodolfo Hernandez started asking a ton of questions like always. But the members were able to answer a lot of them and share scriptures and their testimonies. I loved it so much! Lessons with the members like that always get me super excited for the missionary work. The mom and daughter went with us to stake conference yesterday. It was pretty spiritual. They talked a lot about the youth being more obedient to the commandments and how the adults need to keep their temple covenants. I really enjoyed it. But now we are getting ready for the 23rd and 24th of January because Elder Cook is coming! The 23rd he's coming to visit the missionaries like when President Nelson came, and on the 24th he's going to visit our stake! We are going to have a huge blessing because he's only going to visit our stake and talk with us. And you'll all have to congratulate me because there's going to be a choir singing for Elder Cook in the missionary meeting and we had tryouts to get into the choir. And guess what! Yep, I got in. So I'll be up there right behind Elder Cook singing for him! 

So for a funny story, we were teaching the Hernandez Family the Word of Wisdom one day. We were talking about why we don't drink coffee and a few other things. Then they ask if we can drink soda. We said yes but that the Word of Wisdom also means we shouldn't drink too much. After the lesson they gave us a glass of pop. But it was about 5 ounces of pop. haha they said that they knew we shouldn't drink lots so they decided to give us a little.ahah Well I love and miss you all a ton! Hope to hear some great things this week!
Love Elder Markham

P.S.  Just another quick funny story,

My companion and I were going to bed and he asked me if I was cold as well. I said yes and that it was freezing! Then he asked me if I knew how cold it was, I said no and he told me that it was 70 degrees.....what in the world.

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