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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Years Fireworks and Garrett's little shadow at church....

Hey Family!

Well it was an interesting week. But first of all, I had a good New Years. It's the same as Christmas. There is no difference haha. We ate tons of food and saw tons of fireworks. Israel is doing great! He told me about 5 times this week that I'm his favorite haha. And his little sister loves me too. She always follows me at church. Everyone says that she's like my child. Israel's dad went back to church twice. But he didn't go yesterday.

This wasn't the best week for the Hernandez family either. We were able to teach them all once I think. Then only one other day were we able to teach the Dad because the others weren't there. He can pretty much quote the whole Bible. So he likes to show off a bit and talk about a ton of stuff from the Bible. He says that the two churches he's deciding between is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or a Christian church. He says he's not sure yet because these are the only two churches that he hasn't been able to find any faults with. For example, they don't teach anything against the Bible. But he won't ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. He says that he already knows it's true, but he says that because it doesn't talk about anything bad. We have been talking about the Book of Mormon with him for quite a while now. Yesterday we went to their house to take them to church but they didn't open their door. We saw the daughter walking around last night and asked why they didn't go. She said they were sleeping ahah. Today we are going to have a Family Home Evening with them in the house of a member family so hopefully this will help them be a little more animated (excited?). 

I am so thankful everyday for the time that the Lord has blessed me with to be able to serve Him. It isn't easy but it's definitely worth it! I have seen so many miracles that I can't even count them all. The church is true. Jesus Christ lives. Joseph Smith talked with God. And because God loves us so much, He has restored the Priesthood power for us to become like Him. I love you all so much and miss you lots.

Love Elder Markham

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