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El Salvador


Elder Garrett Markham
El Salvador San Salvador East Mission
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San Salvador, El Salvador
Central America


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Finally in El Salvador!

Garrett and his mission President and wife: President and Sister Vasquez

Garrett and new missionaries arriving October 27th, 2014 El Salvador San Salvador East Mission
Hola familia! 

I have been here in El Salvador for a week now! I don't have a lot of time so I will be quick. Getting here has been a huge cultural shock for me. Its very different and hard to get used to living here. Most houses are about the size of our living room and the other houses are just tin shacks with dirt floors. But I am beginning to love it here. Mom and Dad really treated us like kings. The only problem I am having is with the language. If I can just learn the language then this whole mission will be easy. My mission president is awesome! I love him! So is my trainer Elder Custodio! 

During our lessons I can't say a whole lot because of my lack of vocab...I also have no clue what anyone is saying except for key gospel doctrinal words. But I can still teach just fine when my companion has me speak. The Natives really look like they are listening and nod their heads and the spirit is strong when I teach. I tried talking to a guy on the bus to see if we could come give him a lesson at his house. He just ignored me and kept looking forward. I asked if he could understand me and all he said was yes...

There's this family called the Zepeda family and they are always giving us food and stuff. Every other family owns a store in their house and the Zepeda family are one of those people. They are also bakers so they always give us bread and this really good juice that I love from their store for free! Its awesome and they are so kind. I think their baptism date is this Saturday. I invited these two investigators to be baptized the other day on our first visit and they said yes!!! It was great.

Real quick...here's my Christmas list... Nail clippers and tweezers; mine got stolen from my bag at the airport. Pepperoni sticks, krystal light packets, and anything else you want to send. I will try to think of other things. Probably not anything that I need to cook because we don't really have things to cook with. We have members cook for us and we pay them.

I miss you all so much! If Brock and Trevor have any advice for me on learning a language in the mission then that would be great. Thanks! 

Love Elder Markham

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