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Friday, November 14, 2014

Teaching the Gospel and BIG Spiders

Hey everyone! 

This week was great! Tons of stuff happening every day. People have been putting up Christmas stuff since the first week of November! So me and my companion got a little tree and some lights. Its great haha. 

We started teaching this man named Osvaldo and he is super awesome...even though I have no clue what he and my companion are saying. My companion tells me most of it after. The Spanish hasn't clicked yet so it makes it super stressful. I can pick up key words and stuff though. Anyway, we met this guy in the street last week and he said we can come teach him. We taught him the first lesson and it went great! Then we taught him the second time about Joseph Smith and he loved it. We had to watch the video on his laptop because his TV wasn't able to change to Spanish so the video was super quiet. During the movie his neighbor started blasting super loud music and we couldn't hear at all. I remembered learning about specific prayers in the MTC so I decided to say one. I asked that the music would stop so that the spirit could be there and just as I was finishing the prayer, the music stopped. It was so cool. Then right when the movie finished the music came back on! We asked if he could pray to find out if Joseph was a true prophet and he said yes. We all got on our knees and as he started to pray he started crying. Then he kept thanking God for sending us and for everything else. Afterwards he said that he knew he was a prophet. The third lesson I asked if he would be baptized and he's like yeah yeah of course...but can I teach these things to my religion class I teach? It's amazing the people the Lord prepares to hear the Gospel.

A few days ago I contacted about 9 people in one night. We had exchanges for a day and I went to a different area with an Elder from Nebraska. He is pretty new as well and as it got later in the night we didn't have much to do so we just contacted people. 

I saw my first Central America spider last night. It was huge! I asked my companion and two other members we were with if that was a spider because it didn't really look like a spider at all! They all said yes like it was nothing and how they get way bigger.

I miss you guys a ton and I love all your emails!
Love Elder Markham

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