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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So Busy...But so Happy!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I'm late again. We went to play soccer on a turf field in the morning. I had fun! I had two super cool goals. I got a nice turf burn on one and the other I got with my head and it seemed to impress all the Latinos because they kept talking about it haha.

Well tomorrow marks six months and I'd say quite a bit has already changed about me. I'm getting used to the heat, I can eat raw eggs without a problem and I love cow foot soup! Haha, I think I might be a little darker. It's weird because you don't really tan here. It's just super hot and humid and after you burn, you're right back to being white again. Last night we finally got a little rain! Then there was some type of explosion outside and the power went out for about 20 seconds. But like they say here, es la vida en El Salvador! 

We are going to have a baptism this Saturday! I'm super excited! Her name is Vilma and she lives with her 25 year old son. The missionaries before have been teaching her in her friends house. I'm super excited and she just loves the church and everything about it! Then we should have at least one more next week. His name is Alex. It's kinda sad because he really doesn't have much. He lives in the back room of someones house that is about the size of my room. He sleeps on a sheet on the floor and has a little stove to cook with. I'm just very glad he is super humble and still willing to sacrifice his work time to come to church and read the Book of Mormon. He is super great! We visit a lot of families and with a new convert named Rene. I had to get the soles of my shoes resowed because they are falling apart. He was able to take them for me and a few days later he offered me his old shoes haha. I tried to offer to buy them from him because he doesn't have much even though they were only size 8 but he said no and if they don't fit I can just leave them in the house for when another missionary comes. It's amazing how nice and generous the people are here.

I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you! Oh and guess what dad! You wouldn't believe how many times I heard George Michael this week. I think the song is called careless whispers...with the saxaphone? You'd be so proud haha

Love Elder Markham

**Note: Garrett's Mom loves Wham and George Michael...his dad does NOT!  So Garrett and Brad always loved to torment him and play Wham's Christmas song "Last Christmas" over and over and over....

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