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El Salvador


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Monday, March 23, 2015

"The faith of the people here really strengthen my Faith..."

Hey family!

We had our baptism for Sister Vilma this Saturday and Sunday! It was such a great experience. She was so ready to get baptized. Most of the members thought that she was already a member! The spirit was super strong and  helped me feel better to have another great baptism!  We should have another baptism for Brother Alex this Saturday and Sunday. It's amazing to see his faith and desire to start his life over. He spends all day selling stuff to make his living. He has had to start his life over with nothing. But when he gets home at night he just reads the Book of Mormon, and the other books for the classes at church. And he has been taking out his tithing to pay after his baptism! The faith of the people here really strengthen my faith. Oh...I also had to give a talk in church. The only problem was was that I lost my voice the day before and couldn't talk very well. But a few people said it was pretty good. I talked about following the prophets and general conference in a couple weeks. Which is weird because I feel like I was just watching it in Mexico! The time is going by way too fast. I love and miss you all very much!

Love Elder Markham

Elder Mansilla, Sister Vilma, and Garrett at her Baptism

One of the Lizards Garrett wants to eat.

Elder Ramirez from Mexico (one of Garrett's Zone Leaders) and Garrett

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