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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Another great week...but it is getting really Hot!

Hey family! 

This week was a great one! First, we had another little Temple trip with investigators. This is when the whole mission brings their investigators to the temple and we have different classes about the temples and families and stuff. It was super great! I also got to see Elder Custodio and a bunch of my other favorite missionaries! Also a bunch of people from my other area including Blanca Zepeda and Karen Zepeda! And of course they gave me some some snacks and juice and stuff haha. Me and my companion were guides and helped our group go around to the different classes. The Zepeda sisters were in my group and Ronald was too. If you don't remember he was my second baptism. I talked to him and he said both his grandparents were able to get married and baptized shortly after I left! We had been teaching them a few weeks before I left the area. I was so happy for him and he said he was super happy to see them be baptized also. I loved General Conference! I learned so much especially great stuff about families! Which didn't help a few missionaries in my district because they are almost done with their missions and all they can think about is families and stuff after haha. But it was great to be able to watch it in English with air conditioning. It is getting hotter and hotter everyday. Even the nights are ridiculously hot! I don't understand how it can be so hot ahah. I love you all and miss you very much!

Love Elder Markham

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