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El Salvador


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Central America


Monday, April 20, 2015

No water for 4 days but still trying to be positive!

What a crazy week its been! 

This week was changes and I got moved to another area but it's still super close to my last two areas! I'm also now District leader and a trainer! My district has 5 companionships. It's pretty much the whole Zone, except 2 other companionships. My new companion only has about 7 weeks here in El Salvador and he's from Texas. Since he's new he can't speak or understand a lot of Spanish, but I definitely know how that was haha. But the week was super crazy because we had two different days of service in the morning and we didn't have a lot of time to get to know the area or the investigators. But if we work hard, we should be able to accomplish a lot! Almost the whole district is new. One new sister and 6 new Elders. But everyone has been working hard so I'm happy. All the Elders and Sisters are doing great. Oh...did I mention we haven't had water for 4 days in our house now? It's the worst. My companion forgot to tell me that they didn't pay the water bill. So here's a little bit of my week. But everything is great and I'm loving all the work I'm receiving! It feels great when there's lots to do. Just like senior year of high school again haha. I love and miss you all! Oh and my area is called Monte Carmelo...Carmel Mountain!!!! Woo hoo! Hahah in Ilopango.

OH! Every Wednesday night we eat at a families house for free. Their 17 year old son cooks and he is a professional! He works at a 5 star restaurant! He's putting in his papers soon. Imagine being his comp and always having something amazing to eat every meal. Its soooo good!

Love Elder Markham

**Garrett was going to call the owner of the house they are staying today to see if they could get the water turned back on.  He has access to buying big jugs for drinking, but he would really like to have a shower.  

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