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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lots of Baptism Dates! And Blessings for the Sick

Hey Family!!!!!!

Well it was one of the quickest weeks yet! We were able to find tons more people this week and really worked hard on getting everyone to accept a baptismal date so that that is the focus on all the lessons. Well, now we have 14 people that have baptism dates and that's not including Orlando! We still are trying to get his papers. He said he talked with his friend in Guatemala and she is goinjg to try and take them out. It would be a lot cheaper and quicker. The only thing is that at this time of the year everyone is preparing for the next school year and they have to take out their birth certificates and other papers like that. So I guess there's just tons of people and the waiting lines are huge and you have to wait about 3 or 4 hours.

Wednesday I went on  divisions with our district leader Elder Villalobos. He's from Mexico and his oldest sibling is 40 and his youngest is 15! His niece is 17! That's pretty crazy...But it was awesome because we were able to find so many people and have great lessons! The spirit was so strong during a lot of the lessons. We taught a guy named Oscar. He says he doesn't really have a strong relationship with God because he doesn't go to church or anything. He also says that he really needs help to raise his two daughters. We talked about how the Gospel will bless his life and he was so happy. It was funny because one of his daughters during the lesson went and got a little jello cup out of the fridge and started eating it. Then, after the lesson, he told his daughter to get two for us. But she said that there was only one more. Then he ran to the fridge looking for whatever he could get for us. We told him not to worry about it but he promised in the next lesson he would have something for us. Every week I'm amazed by the generosity of the people here. It has really helped me develop a greater love for them and want to serve them more! 

On Sunday after church a guy walked in with just regular clothes on. He came looking for me and my companion. He said that his wife was really sick and needed a blessing. It turns out that he is a member but hasn't gone to church for a long time. He took us in his car and we went to their house. He said for not going to church for a long time he knew he shouldn't give the blessing. We were able to bless his wife and set a visit to return back and visit them this Wednesday. They told us how she had been really sick all week. The doctors didn't really do anything to help them so they knew they needed a blessing. It just made me think about how much our Heavenly Father loves us to put trials in our path so that we have to go back to church no matter how disobedient we are. I love being here and there's no where I'd rather be! I love and miss you all!!!! 

Love Elder Markham

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