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Monday, October 26, 2015

Teaching by the Spirit!

Hey Family!


It was a pretty fun week this last week! I don't know if you remember but there was a less active member that came at the end of church this last week looking for us to give a blessing to his wife. We went by and gave her a blessing on Sunday and went back on Wednesday to share a lesson with them. She was already up to full strength and was doing great! Then we talked about the plan of salvation and the importance of going to the temple. Brother Guillen baptized his wife about two years ago but they went less active before they could get sealed together in the temple. We talked about the temple and helped them get super excited to go. Then they came to church yesterday and really liked it! 

On Saturday we had an open house for the new Stake Center that they finished this last week. Me and two other Elders were in charge of talking about baptism in the room with the baptismal font. Elder Vasquez and I had all our white clothes on and Elder Villalobos was dressed like John the Baptist hahah it was funny. But there were tons of people there! IT was a great turn out!

My favorite lesson we had this week was on Sunday. We met a guy named Carlos who was sitting in his wheel chair at the top of a Mayan stair case. We hiked up this stair case that seemed like we were climbing Mt. Hood! Then we found him just sitting there looking very lonely. We started teaching him about our church and asked if we could have a lesson with him. He agreed and we started with a prayer. Then he asked what Mormon meant and so we started talking about the Book of Mormon. At first he kept saying how he only reads the bible and that's all we need. But slowly within the lesson the Spirit got stronger and stronger and by the end he was so excited to read it! All we did was teach and testify with the Spirit and then we invited him to get baptized. He didn't give us a for sure yes or no but he said that he was going to invite all his neighbors to join us on Tuesday so that they can all learn about the Book of Mormon! It was awesome!!!!! I love being a missionary! 

I love and miss you all so much! I hope all is well!

Love Elder Markham

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