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Monday, February 8, 2016

A New (and Old) Area for Garrett!! Back with the Zepeda family!

Hey Family!

It was the longest week ever with changes this week! Guess what!? Yep! I'm back in Ilopango!!!!!! This is my third area in the zone! It's so close to Alta Vista that this morning we had a meeting in the church over there. I was able to go to the Zepeda Families house and buy some pan dulce. Well I didn't really buy it. I said I was going to buy one little thing. Then Karen Zepeda, who I baptized a year ago, filled up a huge bag and gave it to me to eat for free! haha, I walked up to the store door that they have to surprise them. Only Karen was there today and when she was walking out she stopped and said, ELDER MARKHAM!? Haha it was awesome! She says she's going to the temple for the first time tomorrow! I'm so happy! I should be abe to see the whole family Saturday and Sunday because we will have two activities with in the stake. Saturday is going to be an open house and I'm going to dress up like Nephi (A Prophet from the Book of Mormon) and give a little presentation. 

So my area is called Valle Nuevo. I'm the district leader here. Which is pretty funny because I'm district leader for the same district as the first time I was district leader, just in another area. Which means I'll be able to work with the elders that are in the area that we baptized Salvador Hernandez! I'm pretty excited for these next few changes. Especially since this area is one of the first areas that the members started to grow! So it's a pretty big ward. And the members are awesome!!!!! We have a dinner list that the members sing up to give us dinner every night! I have never seen that here! Something else that I've never seen here that I saw yesterday was the members going by Sunday morning leaving tithe offering slips! We also have a great ward mission leader and ward council that are really willing to help us. The only  thing I don't understand is why didn't the last two missionaries take advantage of it?? Because there aren't many investigators here and so we are starting from zero pretty much. My companion is from the Dominican Republic. His name is Elder Castro. He's a good guy. He has about 8 months in the mission. 

Well it was a crazy week but I'll be able to share some more experiences this next week! I love you all so much!

Love Elder Markham

Garrett with his companion Elder Castro (sitting diagonally from Garrett) with Elder Togisala sitting next to Garrett and Elder Togisala's companion sitting across from Garrett. (Thank you Amber...Elder Togisala's momma for sharing!)

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