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El Salvador


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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lots of upcoming Baptisms...but a new area for Garrett.

Hey Family!

Wow! It was quite a week! Soooo many things happened. But I have good news and bad news...

Good News.... Well Saturday we found another family that is super awesome. The guys wife is the only member of the family but she hasn't gone to church for a long time. We were able to talk to them and they committed to go to church with us Sunday. But just the dad and his two daughters. Maria and Beranice Hernadez also went, Paz and Sergio as well, and one of my ex companions brought his girlfriend to church.....which I will explain here shortly. So to shorten things up, we had 8 investigators in church yesterday! It was awesome! Ok so about my ex companion. Do you remember one of my companions in Santo Tomas? He's from Honduras and also served here in San Patricio. Well he came back for her but she's still not a member yet. So with his help we've been teaching her and her 8 year old son and they will be getting baptized on the 27th of February. We also met her sister yesterday and she also wants to get baptized that day. Just the week before will be the baptism of Maria and Beranice on the 20th of February. In March we have a few other people that have baptismal dates and should be getting baptized here soon. I am so thankful for the Lord´s help. We couldn't have done it without him.

Bad News...I have changes this week. We don't know what day I'm leaving because it's going to be a bit different than how it was before. But I will be letting you know about my new area this next week.  **Mom's note: (This is only bad news because this means that since Garrett is leaving the area, he won't be able to participate in all the baptisms coming up.  It's hard for the missionaries to bring the Gospel and work hard to find and teach these people about Jesus and then have to leave before their baptisms...but Garrett understands he needs to do what the Lord asks of him and he is willing to go and help bring others to Christ)**

I love you all!!!! Thank you for all your support!

Love Elder Markham

Some new pictures from Garrett's friend Aldo!  So happy that they feed him so well!  We aren't sure if the sunshine is making Garrett grow, but clearly he is one of the taller ones in El Salvador!

This was Garrett's changes today...excited to hear where he is going!

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