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Monday, March 14, 2016

Finding lots of people who want to learn of Christ

Hey Family!

This week was awesome!!!! I got put as companions with Elder Togisala and Elder De Leon. We are in a trio and there's only one area here in Valle Nuevo now. We were able to work a ton with the members here. We had 10 visits just in members houses. We also found a ton new investigators. Some of my favorite lessons that we had was with Rodolfo. His friend is Ismael who's a member and gave us the reference. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom. He has a few problems with it but says he wants to start living the commandments to be able to get baptized. He then told us that he helped build the temple here and got to touch the Moroni statue! It was so cool. But after we finished talking about the atonement and how after baptism we can be perfectly clean. I have a strong testimony that if we truly repent of our sins, God doesn't remember our sins any more. I know that we can be clean but only through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Saturday night we had a lot of people going to church. I don't know what happened Sunday but when we did divisions with the members to bring people to church, we could only bring a few. I was a little worried because Ismael was going to pick up Rodolfo but neither of them were there when the meeting started. But just as we started singing the Sacrament Hymn, they both walked in together. I was so happy to see him there! He stayed for all the classes and said he liked it! Tomorrow we will go to Ismael's house to visit more with him but we are going to have a ton of the people from the Elders Quorum to support him! 

I was kinda sad that Ana didn't go. I haven't been able to talk to her to find out why because she said Saturday that she'd go with her son. But Carlos went! He also said he liked it! This week will be the week of just helping him prepare for his interview and baptism next week! We were also able to find a friend of some members that has been going to church for a while but the missionaries weren't able to have a lesson with her because the grandma is against the church. She is obeying all the commandments that she needs to so she should be able to get baptized Saturday if all goes well this week! So much to do in so little time but I'm loving it! I miss you all!

Love Elder Markham

**Also, we did divisions this week with some members. I went with someone named Roberto but everyone calls him Tito. He served his mission in California a few years ago. Which reminds me, there's a guy that just got back from Idaho that served in Boise. He also served in Ontario, and close to Baker and all those places over there. He is amazing. I love all the members here. But anyway, when we finished we were going to meet up at Titos house. So while we were waiting he said, I have something for you Elder Markham. He gave me a book that talks about the Book of Mormon and the findings of evidence and stuff in Mexico and Guatemala that shows how its true. He said the book was very special to him and told me how he was able to get it. It's signed and everything by the author. It's in English so maybe you guys can read some if you want. But he said how special it is to him and that he really wanted to give it to me and said that I cant give it to anyone and I have to keep it forever.

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