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El Salvador


Elder Garrett Markham
El Salvador San Salvador East Mission
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Central America


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Garrett will stay in this area for a while

Hey Family!

Well they told us changes this morning. I'm staying here in this area and my companion has changes. I'm glad I get to stay here so that I can see the fruits of the area this change. I don't know if you got the pictures from the baptism on Saturday. But the sister missionaries in my district had a man named Ciro that they were teaching. They had been teaching him for over a year and he was always too scared to get baptized. I told the sisters to get a visit set up in the church so that I could meet him and talk to him. But they said better yet why don't we just do his interview to show him that he's ready. So last Sunday I did the interview. He was soooo ready with a huge testimony of the Sacrament. He really wanted to change many things he did before. After I interviewed him I told him he was ready and asked if he would like to get baptized the next Saturday. He accepted! The sisters then passed by his house to set up a time and get the things ready. They called me after and said that he wanted me to baptize him. It was awesome! I think Elder Togisala tried sending some of the pics. He also says hi!

I did a lot of interchanges this week because last week I wasn't able to. It was fun and I was able to learn some stuff from the other missionaries! We also did the choque de fuerza in my area this week so we had a ton new investigators this week. Yesterday Carlos, Ana, and Kevin went to church! They have their baptismal date for the 26th. Kevin is the son of Ana, and Carlos is a guy that my companion and his old companion started teaching last change but then they couldn't find him in his house anymore. After a few weeks here he just randomly showed up at church and we put a visit with him. He answers all the questions in the gospel principles classes! 

Well I have to go but I love you all tons!

Love Elder Markham

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