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El Salvador


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Sunday, March 27, 2016

The service he does....

Hey Family!

Well, Pati wasn't able to get baptized this week because she wanted a little bit more time. It's really hard to have lessons with her but we should be able to help her to get baptized soon. We had Carlos' interview on Saturday and he passed! He will be getting baptized at 5 pm Saturday afternoon by Fidel Hernandez. He's the Gospel Principles class teacher. He's really great and funny. Carlos says he's kinda nervous but also really excited. Rodolfo is really progressing as well. He stopped drinking coffee and Alcohol the first day we taught him the Word of Wisdom. At first he kept saying it was kinda hard, but now he says that he feels really blessed. Then we asked if he read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon that we left for him to read. He said yes, then we asked if he would read the second chapter before the next visit and he responded, "well actually I was just thinking about reading a chapter a day". It was awesome! He wasn't able to go to church this week though because of an emergency. We still aren't sure what happened because we haven't been able to talk to him since. All we know is that he called his friend Ismael at 2 in the morning and said he had an emergency with his family and had to leave. We have a visit with him tomorrow if we can't get a hold of him tonight.

You guys will never believe but on Wednesday we went to the movies!!!!! haha we went to see "The Resurrection of Christ". It was awesome and had some great things in it that talked about the Living Christ. President Vasques says that he's going to get us all a copy of it! Have any of you seen or heard about it yet?

Well I love you all tons! And miss you so much!

Love Elder Markham

**  While Garrett serves his two year mission, he is not allowed to go to movies, go on dates, watch TV or anything that is not related to teaching the Gospel or serving others and Christ...so that is why he made a joke about "going to the movies".  Here is a link to explain a little bit about what Garrett is doing in El Salvador.

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