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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lots of work to be done, but fun times too...

Hey Family! 

Sorry I have to be quick again this week...

We had a primary activity on Friday. It was about the Book of Mormon. Us four missionaries dressed up as prophets and guess who I got chosen to be again, yep Nephi. haha There was a lot of fun things for the kids but all we did was stand in the corner and when a kid would come to us we would explain a bit of our life and they had to guess who we were. Then at the end we sang the primary song that talks about the books in the Book of Mormon. It was fun with lots of kids! Although they really need to work on their prophets haha. Oh! and the sister in my ward gave me the direction of her dad that lives in Portland. It says he lives in the South East part. Pretty cool huh?

We did interchanges with the zone leaders on Tuesday. That was awesome because I got to go back to Alta Vista to work. I went with Elder Togisala who's in my district and we worked with our Zone leader Elder Tay from Guatemala. It was awesome because we were able to get lots of lessons in and have a fun time while doing it! They are both two great missionaries and I was able to learn some great things from both of them. This week is going to be the last week of this change. I'm pretty sure I will be staying but we will see what happens. My companion already has 4 changes here. I will have to let you know next week! I love and miss you all!

Love Elder Markham

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