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Monday, May 23, 2016

Bats in The Night...Weddings and Baptisms!...

Hey Everyone!

Everything is ready for Kelly's baptism and wedding this Saturday! It's going to be awesome! She gets married at 3:30 and the baptism will be at 4:30! Her future husband is a little bit harder to get to go to church but we will help him. Kelly has been an investigator for about 2 years or so. She always loved the church and stuff because it has helped her a ton through her difficulties and stuff but she never could get baptized because she didn't want to get married to her husband. But now they are finally getting ready this Saturday! The whole ward has been helping a ton and everything is going great! Aaaaand! Karen Zepeda is going to get them married! We were going to have another baptism for Estiven but he got back late from an activity and slept through church. But he says he wants to get baptized the fourth of June!

So funny story for the week....

I was sleeping in the middle of the night when I hear my companion say, Elder Markham there's a bat in our house! I said that I was fine because I had my mosquito net. My companion doesn't so it woke him up when it fell on his face haha. He ran over, turned on the lights and killed it. Then he just left it there until the morning. I told him to get a mosquito net and it wouldn't happen, mostly just joking around with him. Then the next night I was dreaming and I heard something next to my ear. Then I felt something on my shoulder crawl on my face then back on to my shoulder. When I woke up there was a bat on my shoulder! I don't know how it got in but I just hit it off with my hand even though it didn't go anywhere because of the net. I quickly jumped out of my bed and turned the lights on. Then my companion killed that one too. Haha it was crazy but now I have to worry about bats crawling on me during the night.

We are going to do Estivens interview this week and he should get baptized next week. We taught him about Prophets this week and showed him a picture of Thomas S Monson. We told him to pray and ask God if he's a Prophet. The next day he said he prayed and felt really happy and knew that he was a Prophet. He's doing great!!!

I love and miss you all! You guys are the best!

Love Elder Markham

PS..Garrett is feeling like no one remembers him...so those of you who read this blog, if you could write him a quick note letting him know you are thinking about him...that would be awesome!!  You can email him to get on Monday, but he would love a letter in the mail...he hasn't gotten much, only from family now and then....so if you have a chance, then send him something!  Thanks!  His addresses are on the home page!

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