El Salvador

El Salvador


Elder Garrett Markham
El Salvador San Salvador East Mission
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San Salvador, El Salvador
Central America


Monday, May 16, 2016

Enjoying the fruits of El Salvador...but watch out for falling coconuts!

Hey Family!

Not much to say this week. But it was great to see you all and talk to you for a bit. It's hard to think that that was the last time we will talk while I'm here in the mission. The time is really going by too fast!

 It's the fruit season and it's getting ready to start raining as well. Like I said you have to be careful while walking or you'll get a huge mango or avocado to the head, or even a coconut! Some of our neighbors are members and sometimes they give us fresh mangos. They are sooo good! The pupusas are pretty great as well. I've been eating quite a few lately. Just trying to enjoy them while I can. But I'll be able to make some pretty good ones back home. 

Sounds like Blake's becoming quite the Spanish expert. Sorry Brad, but your Spanish is a little weird haha. It will be fun to make some sweet Spanish videos in your Spanish class next year Blake! And maybe Aubrey too! Are you thinking about taking Spanish this next year? 

This week is the week of the family here in El Salvador. There's a few activities this week. Wednesday is a thing they are doing in the church to teach families about Family Home Evening and Friday will be an activity that will teach the families about the organizations and stuff in the church. It will be great!

I love and miss you all! I hope to hear more about what you are all up to!

Love Elder Markham

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