El Salvador

El Salvador


Elder Garrett Markham
El Salvador San Salvador East Mission
PO Box #3362
San Salvador, El Salvador
Central America


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Garrett is still bringing happiness to the people of El Salvador during the short time he has left


This week was another great week! We had 16 investigators in sacrament this week! Many of them are families like the Solis family and the Sanchez family, then Benedicto and Jackelin went too. They were going to get baptized this Saturday! They passed their interviews and everything! The lawyer that was going to marry them came to church to talk to them after sacrament meeting. While they were talking and reading the birth certificates, we found out that Benedicto was tricked into marrying someone else. But everything is okay because they still want to work toward getting divorced and then getting married so that they can get baptized. It will just be within 4 months or so. There's another older man that went to church with us for the first time yesterday. His name is Josue. He lives by himself and is kinda sick so he wasn't able to clean out his house. We offered to help him last week when we started teaching him. We did the service this week for him and he was so happy. We just took out old stuff that he didn't want and layed out some bricks he had stacked up to make it easier to walk around when it rains. After the service he said that he was going, and he did! It always feels amazing to help someone go to church especially for the first time. 

We were visiting an older sister named Gloria. She was about 60 years or so. She was best friends with some members that live in front of her. We taught her with them and they were also able to bring her to church a few times. She was very excited for her baptismal date for the 3rd of September and didn't have a problem with a single commandment. But when we went to visit her this week her family had told us that she passed away earlier that morning. It was very sad but it opened up the door to the rest of her family. We were able to help them out with some stuff and teach them about the plan of salvation. Her granddaughter is even more willing to listen to us. She listened to us but not too much. She went to church once but now it sounds like she wants to go more and learn more about the church. Last night we were with the member family that are best friends with them and they started to express how happy and thankful they are that we helped them return to church and how we've helped the other family with all the stuff that they are passing. The spirit was really strong and I'm just so happy to see the happiness that people here have been able to receive throughout my mission.

Well not much else is going on. We are going to keep working hard this week and doing all we can to baptize in September. I love and miss you all so much!

Love Elder Markham

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