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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sometimes the poorest are the most humble...

Hey everyone!

Well this week was a hard week, but finished great! Today I'll tell you guys a few things about some of the people we are teaching.

The Sanchez Hernandez Family: The mom is an inactive member that hasn't been to church for a few years. She is married to her husband and they have three kids that we are teaching also. Just the mom is a member. They are a reference from her sister that's also a member inactive but is slowly coming back. The whole family has a desire to learn and prepare to make covenants. They are all reading the Book of Mormon and they stopped drinking coffee. They were going to go to church yesterday but they didn't because the mom plays soccer on Sundays and she thought it would be bad to leave after sacrament meeting to go to her game. But they said that this week they are going for sure!

Sonia: That's the mom of Fernando and Diego. She's super positive about going to church and reading and hasn't drank coffee for a bit. She is really working hard so that they can keep improving their family relationship. She's come to church these past couple Sundays. She said she hasn't been able to read because she needs new glasses but when she can her mom reads to her.

The Solis Family: We were walking down the street when we heard a little boy yell, "Hola Hermanos!" Which means "hello brothers!" We walked over to talk to the family. They were out buying pupusas together. They said that the missionaries visited them before and said we could go by the next day. They never got baptized because the dad is married to another woman. He wasn't able to get divorced from her because it's a lot of money. So he just lives with another woman right now and they have three little kids. They went to church a bunch and love learning more. The sad part is that the dad has a really painful cancer and doesn't think he will live much longer. He's told us a few times and in his prayers he mentions it, but his dream is to be able to see his kids graduate from high school. But like I said he doesn't think he has too much time. He rents a moto taxi to try and work and make some money. He's always around where we are and so when he sees us he gives us free rides. We asked if he would like to see his kids get baptized and he said he would love it. We are going to see if we can get them baptized so that it can give him more hope for an eternal family.

Jaquelin and Benedicto: They are a very humble couple. They live in a bus in the jungle and don't have a lot. They have been working hard to not drink coffee. They went to church last Sunday but they didn't go yesterday. We are going to visit them tomorrow to see why because they said they'd go yesterday. We found them when we helped Benedicto carry two beds to his house to use as a couple walls and fences. But I think they should be getting baptized pretty soon.

We have tons more but those are some of the people that are progressing. The time is going by fast! I can't believe that it's already August. Next week I'm going with the Zepeda Family to get some recuerdos (memories...souvenirs)! I love and miss you all!

Love Elder Markham

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