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El Salvador


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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Learning to make pupusas

Hey Family!

This week was great! This next week is my last week of training so I'm very excited to see what awaits me next week! This week we went to the Zepeda house and they showed us how to cook pupusas! They were so good and I got the hang of it pretty fast! I can't wait to make some for you guys! So we made a bunch super quick...then it quickly turned into them making all of them and me eating all of them haha. But it was great! We had chicken and cheese pupusas, onion, and pumpkin pupusas! I'm not a fan of the pumpkin pupusas because they make them from the green pumpkins...haha but I love the chicken and onion pupusas. We can't eat the pork ones or we get sick. I don't have too much time today because we are getting ready to go play soccer in a professional stadium! I love you all! 

Love Elder Markham

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