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El Salvador


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Friday, January 2, 2015

Loving the work...and play!

Hey family!

So first me and my companion must have eaten something on Christmas because we were a bit sick but still happy and working hard! We had the baptism of Ronald Jefferson this Saturday and Sunday! And no he's not American. I got to do the confirmation and that was hard! But only because my Spanish isn't quite perfect yet. But it's 100 times better! I can talk and have pretty good conversations with people but it's still far from perfect. This Saturday is the baptism of one of the sisters in the Zepeda family and she wants me to do the baptism! I'm so excited! Its going to be my third baptism! I'm hoping that after her baptism, the rest of the family will want to be baptized!  Also on Sunday I had to direct the music during sacrament meeting which was weird because the person that usually does it was sitting in the front row! So while I struggled she sat there and laughed at me....don't ask me why haha I will never understand this country. haha. The other week I played basketball with a guy that played on the national basketball team. He was soooo good..(they usually only know how to play soccer) But anyway, the guy was good but he was better than Stephen or Trevor. I'm also very bad at basketball right now because I haven't played in forever. I'm also losing all my muscle and my legs are getting very small. How much did you guys get to workout Brock and Brad? Today for this pday we are having a ping pong tourney! I'm excited but well see how it goes since its been a while... I love you all! 

Love Elder Markham

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