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Friday, January 2, 2015

Rigged out of his clothes!

Hi family!

So this week was awesome! We had a fun little Christmas thing on Wednesday. We played tons of games, ate amazing food, and had some Christmas plays.

The games were awesome! We played hugger mugger! I should have won but in JJ's words...I got rigged out of my clothes like 1982! I lasted for a while and could see the finish line ahead...then they called the number and everyone fought for their place. But since no one would let go, they decided to count off random people that would stay in instead of letting us fight to the death. So yes I was unlucky and was kicked out because they didn't count me...Puchica!!!! We also played human Foosball and dodge ball and stuff. Which was also rigged because I was one of the last people on my team in. There was maybe one or two others and the other team had a bunch. I was getting them all out then the person called time and since the other team had more people they won. 

Then on Saturday we helped the Zepeda family make bread. It was soooo good! Then they let me make whatever I wanted so I made a missionary and Santa. Then they put frosting on them and they were so good! 

So here's the big news! on Christmas morning we are going to skype at 8:45 our time. I don't know the time difference. All i know is that its 10:45 here. SO how's it going to work? Are you going to call me when I log on? Please write back quickly!

Elder Markham

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