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El Salvador


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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A difficult week...but still looking for the positive!

Hey family! I don't have too much time so ill have to be short! But this Sunday we'll be talking on skype at 4:00 pm my time. I don't know what time it is there so you'll have to check.

This week was super hard. We had many hard days looking for people to teach and were in the streets almost all day, But I decided to pray and ask for direction and a miracle. We went to this persons house for the first time after talking to them in the street. And they were there with almost their whole family! After talking to them the dad said he was very excited to have us come by and teach but only Saturdays. His daughter, who is about 20 something, said that they had stopped going to their old church since their grandma had died and ever since her sister had her baby they have been looking for a church for her son! The wife wasn't too thrilled but it was such a help to find a family that is looking for the true church! Then Saturday I was walking down the street again and we couldn't find anyone to teach at all because everyone was watching a boxing match. We had about 30 minutes before we had to be inside and it was another super long hard day. I knew we needed to visit one more family so I felt like walking down one path that we haven't walked down much. I said another prayer and then I saw a guy walking around through the window. We went up to his house and he was super friendly! I said that we were there to serve him that night and he quickly had us come in. Earlier that day his wife had messed up her hand really really bad at work and was asking that we offer a pray for them. After the prayer we set another visit for tonight and the man said he knew that we had been sent from God to help him. I know that if we pray with faith God will always be there to help us. I miss you all and can't wait to talk to you!

Love Elder Markham

Here is a place they visited on their preparation day.  Garrett says he can see all three areas he has been in from this look out point...and yes, his hair was cut way too short.  His mom will be glad when it grows out a bit.

Garrett's Companion Elder Aranda

Elder Hale from Galdstone High School

A really old cool water pump they found in the middle of the jungle

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